Bald Buck Box: The Home Chef 3000

Bald Buck Box: The Home Chef 3000

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What You Get.....

  • Chicken Breast (About 2 lbs)The secret to creating unforgettable chicken dishes is using Bald Buck Seasoning with superior quality chicken. Together, they create a flavor explosion that your guests won't be able to get enough of. It's impossible to find this level of taste with any grocery store bird. They are a must try.

  •  Pork Chops (About 5 lbs)Want to blow your guests' minds at your next dinner party? Try Bald Buck Seasoning with premium quality pork chops. Together they create a flavor explosion that is simply unmatched. You must try this tasty combo!

  • Ground Beef (About 1 lb): Want to make ground beef dishes your friends and family will never forget? Use Bald Buck Seasoning with superior quality ground beef! The two flavors combine to create a party for your taste buds. Store-bought meat just can't compare. 


  • Pork Sausage (About 1 lb)One of my most versatile meats. Use this meat to make breakfast patties, taco meat, meatballs, etc. I recently used to make breakfast sandwiches for my grandkids. I messed up. They will not stop asking for it. Try it for yourself to see what I mean. 
  • Free Shipping: We will cover shipping for now. In the future, we may not be able to fully cover your shipping costs. 

  • 2 FREE Bonuses (Limited Time Only): To learn more about the bonuses, see videos below.

 Bonus #1 - Free Meat Defrosting Tray (Retail Value: $24.99) 


 Bonus #2 (The Perfect Gift!)- .50 Caliber Bottle Opener (Retail Value: $19.99)


 Bonus #3 - Free Meat Claw (Retail Value: $14.99)


*Note: Images in the description are for presentation purposes only. All meat will arrive uncooked. 

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